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Our Story

Stylist Africa’s story starts with the founder’s first visits to Africa. For the many African diaspora, visiting Africa is a wonderful experience, it’s a continent full of colour and an energy that is exhilarating. Being able to choose from a stunning array of bright coloured tribal prints and getting an outfit made just for you make for a fashion experience that makes you feel incredible.

It was these experiences and the need to for good up-to-date and fashion relevant hair and beauty tips that fueled the founder to create a platform which could bring beauty and African inspired fashion to a global audience who are dynamic and looking for something contemporary.

In doing so we have a site and online store that allows others to revisit or experience that incredible feeling of knowing you have something built just for you and has allowing you feel special at the forefront of it’s goals.

Our Designs

Contemporary jewellery collection. Cut out designs and curves for uniqueness and beauty. Streamline, smooth finishes with no bulky wrapped fabric. Features wood and gold finish materials synonymous with Africa. Each piece has been made to have its own unique print.
















Curiosity is the cat that got the cream my friend!

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